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  1. Sp_Testure

    [Discussion] 2020 Destructoid's Community ASCII T-Shirt

    Uppercase... And the 90s teenager in me has go for the green baby!
  2. Sp_Testure

    Most WTF Game

    I loved the first game... (The mini card game is still one of the best) the second game was just terrible. Apparently the third one's a lot better which I'm trying to get through right now if it wasn't so distracted by so many other things.
  3. Sp_Testure

    Most WTF Game

    Many moons ago before weebs and Gundams ruled the earth I was in love with the first Xenosaga game. I was so excited for the sequel that I even bought the strategy guide same day. And then I attempted to play it....and things broke inside me...
  4. Sp_Testure

    Shows you wish had just one more season

    Dark Matter, first season was fantastic. The second season stumbled a bit but the third season I feel like they found their footing and then it ended on a cliffhanger.:confused:
  5. Sp_Testure

    What's Your Favorite World?

    Chrono Trigger: Kingdom of Zeal... intriguing and tragic story and some of my personal favorite video game music..
  6. Sp_Testure

    It's that Brazilian guy! Come say hello!

    Good to see you here, welcome!🌵
  7. Sp_Testure

    Caress my soft, taut, masculine-yet-womanly thighs

    Spicy Guuuuuuusss!
  8. Sp_Testure

    Caress my soft, taut, masculine-yet-womanly thighs

    Welcome to the forums... my 'I can't prove in court yet' daddy!
  9. Sp_Testure

    Caress my soft, taut, masculine-yet-womanly thighs

    I hope to beg the powers-that-be that once we get out of beta that the link to the forms would not be on the front page but perhaps Community blogs? Would help stem the tide...
  10. Sp_Testure

    Warframe Stuff!

    What Matt said... Also your on my friends list....Im watching
  11. Sp_Testure

    What Games Do You Consider Masterpieces

    Oh boy, time to show my age. Let's see, Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights ,Master of Orion 2, Planescape Torment,Total Annihilation,Starcraft,Soulbows mum,Angband,KotOR, Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 6, Phantasy Star 4, EarthBound and Lufia 2. Just to name a few :p
  12. Sp_Testure

    Warframe Stuff!

    Yeah it's past time I got back in the saddle myself, I'll put it in the download queue tonight. I'm kind of sick of Borderlands 3..
  13. Sp_Testure

    How do we transfer 17 years of GameFAQs karma?

    I have 13 years banked up...let me know ;)
  14. Sp_Testure

    Daddys home

    By your command...waaait a sec.. I'm going to out source this to Soulbow. He'll have a Siege thread up in no time and he needs to pay for his sins, in advance.
  15. Sp_Testure


    Praise be the bone of thy Bonerlord...
  16. Sp_Testure

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    I believe you :x
  17. Sp_Testure

    Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?

    I love cactuar's?