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    Ftoid (for when Qtoid is down)

    I tried already to find the answers I got when I asked for advice where to start blogging next. Failed.
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    Book Club

    I decided to try decreasing my "brain age" by learning to focus by reading books. Started it easy, Ari Turunen's "Ettekö te vieläkään tiedä, kuka minä olen? - Ylimielisyyden kultainen kirja" (2021) ("Do you still not know who I am?" - The golden book of arrogance"), a follow-up to his earlier...
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    What are you playing?

    Having finished my blog on a game, I can now start playing something else... not sure what, though. I think I'll get back to Arcade Archives titles.
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    I returned. Sorry.

    Alrighty... going with the suggested Q&A... I don't remember how I found Dtoid. It was many years ago. My favourite games... this is difficult. I have fond memories of Master of Orion (1) on the easiest level. Doom (the original) was also nice. Morrowind. Maybe one of Xenoblade Chronicles (2...