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  1. RolanberryPrins

    Cookin' by the Book: The Big Dtoid Recipe Swap

    Here's a quick mug cake recipe if you want something sweet but don't want to dirty a bunch of dishes....or wait for something to bake for longer than 2 minutes. It's Midnight and I Want Something Sweet Mug Cakes Ingredients 1/4 cup (c) flour 2 tablespoons (tbl) unsweetened cocoa powder 1/4...
  2. RolanberryPrins

    What Are Your Favorite Non-Gaming/Productivity Apps on Game Consoles?

    non - gaming apps on console? Hrm. I don't really carry my handhelds with me so really the only one I can think of is Spotify on Playstation? I think the ability to listen to your own music is underutilized. It's really great for games with shorter, more repetitive soundtracks or grinding. But I...
  3. RolanberryPrins

    What are Your Potato Chip Games?

    Games I can't seem to uninstall: modded skyrim & fallout nv + 4. as others have said, just dicking around in a world is nice, especially when there are mods to keep things pretty and loading smoothly. As far as potato chip games though... games that reward careful overplanning. Like...Thief (the...
  4. RolanberryPrins

    Sections you despise in games you like?

    Any time a non-driving game makes you drive somewhere. Never fun.
  5. RolanberryPrins

    The Tabletop RPG thread for cool people who roll dice

    Maybe a GMless game that would allow you two to duet would work better as you could interact with her and build up something together. Ironsworn can be co-op (and is free). Star Crossed and Hot Guys Making Out go more narrative driven and would break the cycle of murder hoboing their way across...
  6. RolanberryPrins

    Cookin' by the Book: The Big Dtoid Recipe Swap

    Prins’ Follow Your Heart Spicy Meats needs: ample cooking time (20 min + 6 hours, with a bit of intervention halfish way through), a crock pot or instant pot, blender or immersion blender This is kind of a loosey-goosey, easy-breezey kind of recipe that has never done me wrong. It makes many...
  7. RolanberryPrins

    Cookin' by the Book: The Big Dtoid Recipe Swap

    Pro Mom-tip for phillo dough - unfold it on a clean surface, then cover with a slightly damp towel while you work. So take a couple sheets, cover the rest with the towel, then fill/roll. This keeps the phillo from drying out and cracking. I'll see if she'll give me the recipe for bisteeya. It's...
  8. RolanberryPrins

    Cookin' by the Book: The Big Dtoid Recipe Swap

    If you wanted to fridge your doughballs for easy grab n go (like if you were cooking on the weekend for meals throughout the week) would you want to fridge dough pre or post proof? I know you said you can cold ferment for 3 days, but where in the process could you stop and fridge/freeze the...
  9. RolanberryPrins

    Cookin' by the Book: The Big Dtoid Recipe Swap

    I'll post my Spicy Meats recipe once I find the scrap of faded receipt I wrote it on.
  10. RolanberryPrins

    Cookin' by the Book: The Big Dtoid Recipe Swap

    Depending on where you live in the world and your community, you might know what those books are. However for most people they are a relic of a bygone age. That’s right, we’re talking community (normally church) cookbooks. The way this used to work is that every household in the...
  11. RolanberryPrins

    Icy cold storebought chocolate milk is like, really awesome, you guys...

    blend it with some ice and some room temp coffee/espresso. good times
  12. RolanberryPrins

    Worst collectibles in games?

    Oh man see once again my brain went somewhere completely different and I thought ya'll were talking about video game collectibles like figurines and stuff released alongside games. Of which the worst has a clear winner But as far as collectables inside games, riddler trophies hands down. not...
  13. RolanberryPrins

    AMA: Seymour

    Who is the best Demon/Persona and you can't say Mara?
  14. RolanberryPrins

    What Makes Good Stealth Games

    As others have said, nice big puzzle box set pieces with multiple routes to the goal and multiple angles of attack. Clear communication on how visible I am. Good sound design so I can hear people moving/voices getting louder. I don't even mind if they act off-schedule as long as I can readily...
  15. RolanberryPrins

    What's Good in that Bundle

    Non-game in that bundle, a productivity manager/ kanban board app called Tape. Very lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. It pleases me. Check it out if you have shit to do.
  16. RolanberryPrins

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    NGL i totally thought it started today for some reason. The 18th just stuck in my head i dunno why. So I woke up and checked the qposts and was like "aw, Bass hasnt posted the theme yet" and then I realized I was off by a few days. whoops.
  17. RolanberryPrins

    What's Good in that Bundle

    It's like dishonored: the tabletop game Expanded: Blades is a great intro to playbook-style games - it's accessible but very different from your gygaxian d20 games. So it's a good "aahh, I don't have to play those types of games if I don't want to" moment for a lot of people. It allows for...
  18. RolanberryPrins

    What's Good in that Bundle

    Death and Taxes has been really fun. I downloaded a bunch of the TTRPGs and I'll be going through them. But the instant-install video games for me were: Death and Taxes, Wheels of Aurelia, A Short Hike, The Stillness of the Wind, Pendula Swing, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Signs of the Sojurner and...
  19. RolanberryPrins

    Wholesome Happy Place Thread

    Wholesome thread is wholesome.
  20. RolanberryPrins

    [Game Jam] Announcing the Flaming Hot Jam!

    Is there a place to recruit/apply for teams or is that happening on communicord?