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  1. Anthony Marzano

    Bong's hobby corner

    Why you little...
  2. Anthony Marzano

    [Discussion] 2020 Destructoid's Community ASCII T-Shirt

    I like uppercase. The Dtoid font one is hard to read.
  3. Anthony Marzano

    Cookin' by the Book: The Big Dtoid Recipe Swap

    This is a great idea! I'll take a look through the recipes that have been handed down through my family, there should be one that won't get me excommunicated for revealing family secrets...maybe.
  4. Anthony Marzano

    I heard there was cake?

    You there, I like you. Welcome to the club. Now post salads.
  5. Anthony Marzano

    Ein's big, long, fat, satisfying GIF Dump.

    This is perfect. Nothing can top it, but I can try.
  6. Anthony Marzano

    Shows you wish had just one more season

    Preacher needed one more season to allow for the rest of the material to be used and make it so that it wasn't crammed into a single season. But nooooooooooooooooooo, AMC needed to give The Walking Dead another two spin-offs because creativity is dead. Hannibal didn't need another season...
  7. Anthony Marzano

    My Cat Is An Alcoholic. Please Send Help.

    I would but I don't think I can send alcohol across state lines.
  8. Anthony Marzano

    [Poll] Would a summer game jam interest people?

    Man you must have missed the time I paid 5 dollars for a game from a jam on that was a three paragraph PDF about a game you can play on the road and the bridges you pass under it. I was less than pleased.
  9. Anthony Marzano

    [Poll] Would a summer game jam interest people?

    We allowed to make board games?
  10. Anthony Marzano

    I forgot to intro as well

    You know what you did.
  11. Anthony Marzano

    Your Favorite Game Ending

    For story it's easily Metal Gear Solid 3 for me:
  12. Anthony Marzano

    I forgot to intro as well

    I had a Manny avatar for the first few years that I was on Dtoid, probably the most influential game of my entire life. Because you are a masochist.
  13. Anthony Marzano

    Spare Steam Keys

    God, Transocean looks stupidly up my porthole and I realize now that I have gone beyond the pale of boring old gamer.
  14. Anthony Marzano

    I forgot to intro as well

    Yo, names Anthony. Used to go by Amna round these parts but then I started writing for Dtoid and Flixist and revealed my true Italian form 🍝. I'm a meteorologist IRL and that's why I decided to suffer through Geostorm. It was as painful as you would expect it to be and I actually used my review...
  15. Anthony Marzano


    Rivers Cuomo covering Nirvana.
  16. Anthony Marzano

    Current reads

    I was kinda disappointed by Doctor Sleep but damnit if I didn't have visceral nightmares of Rose tearing me apart.
  17. Anthony Marzano

    Current reads

    After years of trying to get back into fiction and failing, I'm trying my hand at non-fiction. Been really digging this when I make a point to read it. I mean what more could I ask for?
  18. Anthony Marzano


    Sports mascots observing moments of silence.
  19. Anthony Marzano

    Oven Sausages

    Never forget.