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    6/14/2023: A day that shall live in infamy. We should have seen this coming. I called the Pentagon over three hundred times on a monthly basis since the terrible attack Al Quaeda launched, which shook the world to its core. Yes, the time my dad swore he saw an Al Quaeda running out of the...
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    Rico's January 2021 Giveaway ~ 6 $10 giftcards!

    Is this still going on?
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    What are you playing?

    The abyss loves you, too. I never played a Mafia game. The first is pretty linear, right? I've only ever been interested in the thrid one, and that was because it had pornography. Did you play the original? Do you think the Definitive Edition feels definitive?
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    Prevailing Condition =>

    Finally a way for an average Joe like myself to get into mystical hippy shit.
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    Ftoid (for when Qtoid is down)

    to suck a man is a good thing.
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    Ftoid (for when Qtoid is down)

    Every time Qtoid goes down I assume it's not getting up again.
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    Let's List All the Nintendo Characters We Think Would Be Great at EATING ASS!

    If it's super gross, then you absolutely NEED to elaborate.
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    Ftoid (for when Qtoid is down)

    All times are end times, for nothing lasts forever.
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    Ftoid (for when Qtoid is down)

    I'm sure they're just doing some routine maintenance--and implementing ads into Qtoid.
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    Ftoid (for when Qtoid is down)

    WHAT CAN WE DO???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Are Sewers Real

    You get it, man. Sometimes I wonder if sewers are some kind of media psy op meant to make us question the reality of our world. But I know what's what. I know every shit I ever shat lives in a farm up north, and I can visit them whenever I feel like it. I just haven't yet, is all.
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    This Video Game Character is Peak Male Physique

    He's never known neck pain. His wrists are not made of glass, because they don't exist. His knees can never go bad. Arthritis is an alien disease to him. All the weakest, most fragile pieces of the human body are but vestigial lumps of flesh long forgotten to Rayman. My neck currently hurts a...
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    Are Sewers Real

    I don't know if I have the same faith in the government as you, but let's hope...
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    Hey everyone everywhere! You know what's also everywhere? Arcades! That's right, let's all head back in time to when that statement was actually true and ponder what our first ever video game experience in the humble arcade was. Too young to have visited your local coin-op? Then, FUCK OFF...
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    Puking pus and cumming shit

    Puking pus and cumming shit
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    Let's List All the Nintendo Characters We Think Would Be Great at EATING ASS!

    Like the title says. I'll start. Yoshi! Like just think about that tongue game, and its face is pleasantly rounded, so it can get buried deep in those cheeks with little to no poke and prod. The only issue is of course that tongue might snag on something and rip your guts out like a pink...
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    Are Sewers Real

    Hey all, So kind of a crazy question, but could sewers be real places? Like, we've seen them all over video games ever since the original Mario Bros invented the artistic concept of a sewer (a blocky, pipey place where bad dudes run wild and need their shit stomped), and it's been expanded...
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    No one's talking about how characters who eat trash have humiliation fetishes

    Video game characters have been getting off this whole time--at our expense--and I'm sick of pretending that it isn't happening. It's fine if all of you don't want to admit the truth, but I'm not about to sit my shit idly by and act like I don't see a wet spot spread across Axel's pants when...
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    So, a lot of us have seen James Wan's latest horror thing (FOR FREE!!!), and there are thoughts aplenty squirting around the web! Bloody Disgusting hailed it the best horror movie so far this year. Others have declared it a hyper-focused intentionally goofy niche masterpiece deserving of its own...
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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Altoids tins aren't that great for holding human eyeballs. Like, some people have big eyes, so it makes me worry they'll pop when I go to clasp the lid. Also, that tin gets so hot sometimes they melt, and you're left with nothing but a puddle of bubbling goo if you accidentally leave it in the...