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    We sure do live in a society, all right.
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    Word Association

    One of the worst Simpsons episodes (Lisa Goes Gaga). The other worst episode is the Elon Musk one.
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    Word Association

    Going to a Dillinger Escape Plan concert
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    Suggestions to break the cycle!

    Link's Awakening is also a good time. It's a bit different in tone, and weirder, but it still plays like a classic Zelda game. Albeit in a more bite-sized and manageable form.
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    Suggestions to break the cycle!

    Majora's Mask is probably my favourite. It's much more intimate, with a smaller world and more of a focus on the individual characters within it. In terms of gameplay, it's best on the 3DS, if you've got one. There's just a whole lot of refinements that make it easier to pick up and play.
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    Animal Crossing Meetups

    So here's a thread where you can post DODO codes and organise meetups in Animal Crossing. Feel free to post codes, turnip prices (if applicable), and other details as to why you're opening your island. I just have to ask you to please edit your initial post with your DODO code when you're...
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    Sometime soon, I really need to make an Animal Crossing hookup thread.
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    Hi, I'm Randy. What is this place?

    Eh, the apocalypse was bound to come one of these days. Bring on the fire and brimstone!
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    Hi, I'm Randy. What is this place?

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    What are you playing?

    I picked up the remaster of Xenoblade Chronicles! This is my life now.
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    Thread 69 is upon us

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    Look At My Pussy!

    I love this, haha!
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    What's Your Favorite World?

    I used to raid in World of Warcraft, but I kinda dropped the game due to so much guild drama. Just people arguing left and right, and setting schedules and... oh god. It's just too much, sometimes. And after a point, progression requires dealing with other people. To get further, you have to...
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    Word Association

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    Your Favorite Game Ending

    Yup. As I said; there's very few endings that completely reshape how you see an entire franchise all in one fell swoop. It's kind of insane just how heavily it impacts a replay of the series. And it does so whilst providing some... interesting... commentary. Good lord, it's a good ending.
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    Word Association

    Daokta Fanning
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    Your Favorite Game Ending

    The mobile port of the first game is pretty damn good, if that helps?
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    Music Recommendations

    Here's a here's a brutal death/slam metal cover of All Star by Smash Mouth, as performed by a band that does songs about Shrek. It's not great. But if I had to listen to it, so must you.
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    Your Favorite Game Ending

    Danganronpa V3. If you've played it, you'll know what I mean. Very few games can really get away with reframing an entire game franchise so radically, yet somehow V3 sticks the landing. It's impressive.
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    I transformed a room after a catastrophic failure in humanity.

    Holy shit, that's a hell of a transformation! Good work!