Animal Crossing Meetups


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Feb 14, 2020
So here's a thread where you can post DODO codes and organise meetups in Animal Crossing.

Feel free to post codes, turnip prices (if applicable), and other details as to why you're opening your island. I just have to ask you to please edit your initial post with your DODO code when you're closing the gates to your island, rather than adding a new comment. It just reduces clutter, and makes things easier to read.

If you're reopening your island, however, feel free to post an entirely new reply with a new code. That way, people only have to look at the most recent responses to this thread if they want to visit someone.

Thanks <3!


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May 10, 2020
Hazel is making DIY Workbench - This is the full size, not the mini. She's in the red house on the western side of the river
Saharah is also here with Ivy Walls and Berry-Chocolates Flooring. Shanty Mat, Rough Rug and Fossil Rug

Any recipes on the ground are fair game, but please don't take any of the dropped items in the "pirate cove" area - they're decor.

DODO Code: 03T65
I'll be on until 4pm CST (about an hour from now) if not longer.
Closed for now!
Hazel stopped crafting, so I made a few benches for people to take with them. Lemme know if you want one!
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