Greetings from the Lord

Lord Spencer

New member
Jun 30, 2020
Hello Everyone,

I am Lord Spencer, a frequent blogger in Dtoid and the one doing the weekly Cologne recaps.

I have been in Dtoid since 2015 (I think) but I lurked longer than that. I can’t decide what my favorite video games are (check the list made by Dango for me in the main site).

I owned all Nintendo consoles and handhelds except the GameCube, and I owned all Sony’s consoles but none of their handhelds.

Other than video games, I love to read literature and history, love to watch movies and anime, like to play football (but not very good at it), and be like to travel and eat outside (this isn’t going to happen for a while). Also, I have been recently delving deeply into board games.

I am not part of any other gaming community. In fact, the only other online presence I have is in a football forum that I rarely post at these days (I don’t have any social media accounts either). For some reason, a lot of people here think I am double posting my blogs from another site I frequent (including another recapper before).

Sorry for rambling on. I hope to discuss some Retro games with you all.

Gus TT Showbiz

Purveyor of puns to those with a discerning taste
May 10, 2020
I was imagining you smelling those free cologne samples you get in magazines, and then writing an exhaustive blog about which one smells better for a fifth date.