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Anthony Marzano

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Apr 16, 2020
Yo, names Anthony. Used to go by Amna round these parts but then I started writing for Dtoid and Flixist and revealed my true Italian form 🍝. I'm a meteorologist IRL and that's why I decided to suffer through Geostorm. It was as painful as you would expect it to be and I actually used my review in an application for a newspaper meteorologist job...suffice to say I didn't get the job but you should still read it!
  • How did you find Destructoid?
    • My best friend suggested the site to me around 2009, citing that I'd like the podcast and coverage of smaller games. I wasn't around as much at that time owing to school and then living in a craphole apartment with barely enough internet to go around, but around 2013 Dtoid became my sole gaming news website.
  • What are your favorite games?
    • Oof, big question. In no particular order: Grim Fandango, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 3, The Talos Principle, Hotline Miami, Fallout: New Vegas, Rocket League, Tetris
  • What consoles have you owned?
    • Uhhhh every Nintendo console since the NES except for the SNES and the Virtual Boy; PS2 through 4. I'm primarily a PC person now though as my interests moved more in the direction of hipster indie garbage and overly complicated strategy games.
  • What interests do you have outside of video games?
    • Weather obviously, I love board games, with Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 (a game I backed) and 1960: The Making of a President as two of my particular favorites. I'm a bit of a home cook and love to try my hand at different cuisines. I also love being out in nature on hikes or going on long rides through my city on my bike.
  • What other communities are you a part of?
    • What are you a cop?


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May 12, 2020
Damn. You get to write for Destructoid AND decide what the weather is gonna be?