What games did you fall in love with the first trailer and then, with the release of gameplay footage you were disappointed?


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Jun 30, 2020
I can tell, off the top of my head, that both Death Stranding and Ghostwire: Tokyo did that to me.

The first trailer for Death Stranding was enough to make me curious, and the clip shown at the Game Awards was just incredible, but then they released gameplay footage and it was like "yeah, it's like any other game" which was a big disappointment. I was expecting little to no game mechanics beside delivering bodies and pacakages through beautiful terrains, and running away from those things.

Ghostwire: Tokyo was more egregious, I think. The first trailer is beautiful and mysterious. The gameplay shows, again, it's just another action game, and the graphics visual looks nowhere near what the first trailer shows.

What about you guys? Any trailer to gameplay disappointements?
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Jun 24, 2020
I agree with Death Stranding, for sure. The trailers felt mystical and strange, but the gameplay just seems dull and rote.

The original Destiny comes to mind, as well. Of course, I think part of that was the excitement around a new console. But the trailer looked incredible and I couldn't wait to jump into the world with a couple of friends to explore. While I enjoyed the game for a time, it wasn't nearly as engaging and deep as I had imagined.
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May 11, 2020
Babylon's Fall. Those first teasers were really great. Not much to go on, but the art design was impressive, the boss they showed looked really cool, and it was from a reliable studio who definitely knows how to make a decent game of that style. Coming off Nier Automata too, this was poised as being some thing of a follow-up to that.

Then after years of nothing we get the first real trailer, and it was a disaster. The art design changed to a smeary mess, the combat looked stodgy and lacking flow, and the voice acting was atrocious. But worst of all it turned out it was going to be a service based game rather than just a straightforward action RPG. Totally killed my interest. It seems like since they've been running beta tests they've been improving the art and combat, but the game is still fundamentally structured with a business model that I don't want to go anywhere near.