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    [Discussion] 2020 Destructoid's Community ASCII T-Shirt

    Upper-case one is the easier winner for me. The Destructoid font one doesn't seem to be worth the work to do it.
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    Giveaway: Bug Fables: NA--NSW-XB1-PS4

    Centipede because he "multiplies and divides And comes after you from every side; Faster and faster, row by row He slides through the rocks to get you from below!" PS4
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    Free stuff in Animal Crossing

    New code: 2V7WP
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    Free stuff in Animal Crossing

    Celeste on island (Gemini begins today), lots of free stuff on the South West Beach. Please water my roses (fenced off area to the right of the main fountain). BKFMK
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    Free stuff in Animal Crossing

    It's free stuff day! What is free stuff day? Free stuff day is what happens when I max out my storage. So come on down, water my rose garden, and grab some free stuff. Furniture, fossils, DIY, clothes - lots of stuff. 4M0R8