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    was this always here

    Miss the old forums, but these'll do.
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    No one expects the Ravenclaw Inquisition!

    Man I miss watching Samurai Champloo on Adult Swim. So many great nights with that show on and then its repeat late in the night while I messed around online and did nothing. The good ol' days.
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    Book Club

    I'm here because I saw Dune, and everyone knows I am the former Kwisatz Haderach of Destructoid Anime Games.
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    Hi. I'm not Andy Dixon.

    Thank goodness.
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    Does this count as stalking your threads?

    Does this count as stalking your threads?
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    Hey there, space cats! Brittany here, comin' at you from Spaceport 9.

    It's your old pal Brittany Stormborn, formerly of House Destructoid, Queen of the Weeaboos and the First Otaku, Khaleesi of the Great Plains, Breaker of Bust A Groove 2 Jewel Cases, and Mother of Niche/Rare Games. If you don't know who I am, I've been writing about games for 13 years. I love...