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    Your worst "I give up" moment in games?

    More of a funny sided, but I consider it "the worst": I got stuck in Portal 2 at one puzzle so I gave up for a while and did everything else instead. Then my PC broke down. And I never finished Portal 2 after that incident.
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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Well the tag line of Tyranny is that "Sometimes, evil wins." so it kinda safe to say that being a dick is the point of the game; you are essentially the evil bad guy's rules lawyer, lawyering things as you see fit or fits withing the rules of evil bad guy's. And your New Vegas point reminds me...
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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Obsidian entertainment's earlier, rougher productions are one of their bests as well. Especially Tyranny and Alpha Protocol are brilliant and should've been supported far more. Which makes The Outer Worlds somewhat disappointed; it's their most competent game in years but it lacks THE EDGE...
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    Favorite Song from Your Favorite Band/Artist

    Oh boy this is easy. It makes me giddy, every time. Especially the part at 2:55, oh my.
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    What are you playing?

    A weird combination of Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Dota 2 and Stellaris. Tho I haven't continued Kingmaker in a while and I usually afk-drool on Stellaris.
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    How is your backlog doing?

    I fucked up. I started to (re)play Pathfinder: Kingmaker only to get addicted on Dota 2 (strictly Ability Draft) and Stellaris (because of the newest patch). I majorly fucked up.
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    AMA with Xeo. Hit me up.

    Since this is (well, usually) gaming forum: Your best worst game? Your worst best game?
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    Very Important Poll

    Funny thing is, I still consider myself as a tits man. But man. Older I get, ass gets more attention somehow.
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    Bend me over your tabletop and give it to me (your board game suggestions)

    (Is double posting still frowned upon?) As Small World owner and played two weeks of WoW, this is interesting. Introducing Small World of Warcraft.
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    Bend me over your tabletop and give it to me (your board game suggestions)

    Oh boy, my favourite subject! You can always check my own collection here if you want. But my recommendation? Tyrants of the Underdark. Game so good I wrote a piece about it on Destructoid. But it's fucking good, it's combination of deck building and area of control and it marries both of...
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    Why'd You Pick Your Username?

    Leftover from the Windows Messenger days. I had on-off-nicknames of sorts but nothing really stuck with me. One day, my big sis just said "lol" and changed my name to "Palvikinkku" in aforementioned Messenger. But jokes on her, I fell love in my new nickname. Hence, I am Palvikinkku. And...
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    Pick 2 from 2007

    Easiest fucking "twitter-forum" game I've participated! 1) Bioshock; I just successfully installed my new 8800GT and when I got to play this beauty it blew my mind. Man those were the days! 2) The Orange Box; honestly it's only because of Team Fortress 2, but man, that game did A LOT for me...