Another old person


Jul 5, 2020
Kansas City
It was so strange to see a forums tab again. This is really where a lot of my early Dtoid days came to fruition. Back then I went by the alias of 'revrevolution' (still my PSN name). After getting acquainted with Rev....that became The Drunken Crow, Scuba Steve, etc.

Regardless, just call me JuIc3 (juice). I'm a teacher, game enthusiast, and 30+ year old fogey. I've taught now for 8 years, and have written in gaming media for about 3. I've retired from that field, but still love to write and chat up life, games, and of course animu.

I look forward to visiting with many of you again, and hope that the forums prosper. Having a healthy forums really can support the site in a lot of ways.