Ashlyn Reporting for Duty!


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Jun 23, 2020
Toronto, ON
Hey Hey!! My name is Ashlyn or Ash or Ash Lynx whatever you prefer, I'm a mod for the Destructoid twitch channel and I honestly only really just found out about the whole other community over here after like a year on the twitch channel. I can't believe I'm a mod and I find out I barely know the community I love so much, I think that's a damn shame and I hope that one day we can all unite and be one happy family.

Since I was little I've loved video games and they have always been a big part of my life and I remember spending all my time looking into videogames and I remember reading reviews from Destructoid when I was young, little did I know how big Destructoid would become for me later on. about a year ago my friend sent me a screenshot of a Twitch stream he found on just chatting with a message wtf, it was a creepy-looking ventriloquist dummy on camera doing just chatting, this streamer was Finsettler or Kyle Bloodcurdle, I quickly fell in love with his stream and humor and one day he was on a twitch dating show with a streamer named Nanerboots who I tuned into after a couple of streams she did a campfire with a few friends one of which was someone named Dreezy. after a couple of months Dreezy started streaming for Destructoid and I recognized the name and logo and I got insta-nostalgia.

I started tuning in and I stayed cause I fell in love with the community in chat ( i Mean come on why else would I stay to get my eardrums blown out by Dreezy screaming :p) so that's the story of how a bunch of cosmic coincidences has landed me here, I'm so excited to meet you all and I hope one day twitch and this community can be more intertwined. <3



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Jan 5, 2021
I think I've never seen such great blogs. have the complete stuff with all the details I want. So please update this for us. thanks!