Destructoid Draws: Redux

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Hello you lovely, artsy, beasts!
Many of you remember Destructoid Draws that was pioneered by our beautiful friend, TheBlondeBass. Well, I took it over and subsequently ran it into the ground. Scheduling seemed to be the biggest issue for our submissions so I’m going to use these brand spankin’ new forums to try to revive the series...again.

How does it work?
Great question!
Each month, on about the 1st. I’m going to post a gaming related prompt right here in the forum.
You make your own original art inspired by aforementioned prompt and post it as a reply.
Be sure to include a brief description of your masterpiece and the name you would like me to credit for the submission.
At the end of the month, I’ll scour through the posts and put them together into a beautiful blog post to share with the community.

All submissions are required to be your own (don’t steal someone else’s work).
All submissions must also observe the TOS of