Dtoid ascii t-shirt


New member
Jul 1, 2020
Hi, I want to buy that ASCII art t-shirt that came out but I don’t see it on the online shop. I have no idea who can help with this but I would really like to buy one. Help please?


totally wholesome magical girl
Staff member
Feb 14, 2020
Oh! Basically, we decided that we were unhappy with the print quality that some folks were seeing on their shirts — a few turned out really well, but Teespring’s quality is a little hit and miss with finer details, as it turns out.

We did everything according to Teespring’s own guidelines. However, yeah. As soon as we saw someone say they had printing issues, we pulled it immediately, offering refunds to anyone who wasn’t completely satisfied with the design.

However! Because we love the design, Eric made some lovely wallpapers out of it! Feel free to check out his Cblog!

From now on, we’re planning to make sure that shirt designs are big and bold, as to ensure there’s less chances of printing issues. It was a learning experience, I guess.