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Jun 24, 2020
I have this habit of never selling or getting rid of any of my games. From NES to the PS4, I just can't let go. "What if I get the urge to play it again," I think. Or maybe I had a really great experience with the game, or it affected me in a certain way. I guess what I'm saying is, I get attached to these things.

That being said, I have not played most of my games all the way through more than once or twice. But there are a few I come back to every year, or every few years, to get a taste of that magical experience the game originally offered.

The first that comes to mind for me is the original FFVII - it's my favorite game, made me fall in love with RPGs, and I simply never get tired of experiencing it.
I come back to the original Jak and Daxter every couple years - completing everything 100% is very cathartic for me, and the game just oozes personality that keeps me entertained.
I play Journey every year - it drew me in with its sweeping score, stunning visuals, unique multiplayer, and moving story. In fact, the last time I played was late last year shortly after my favorite uncle finished his long battle with cancer. The game meant something new to me, and I gained perspectives I had missed before. I also cried like a baby, so yeah.

But those are just a few of mine. I'm curious about everyone else! What are some games you make a point of playing at least once a year? Or every few years?

What game have you re-played the most times?

Or is there a game that left a lasting impression you will always cherish, whether you play it again or not?


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May 19, 2020
For me it would be Resident Evil Remake and 4, Metroid Prime and the GBA Metroids, the original Tomb Raider games. Played those so many times, even if the Tomb Raider games aren't great by today's standards there's a nice sense of nostalgic familiarity I get from them.
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