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May 10, 2020
Most of you probably know me, and probably even a little bit about me. I joined Dtoid officially in 2011 after getting banned for saying something lewd in a Kotaku article. I never gelled with their seemingly uptight community regardless, and I guess I was looking for a place to call my digital home. But I had lurked a little bit before that on the original forums. Then I joined specifically to use the old forums, which then lead to me visiting the normal site daily. I started to get to know some of you folks better after I discovered Quick Posts.

What some of you may not know about me is that I'm fairly reclusive in reality and suffer from sometimes extreme anxiety as well as PTSD. This sometimes makes it difficult for me to start or maintain meaningful engagements with others. Despite how rowdy and silly I can be on here, that's something I honestly struggle with in person until I'm comfortable around people. Sometimes that unfortunately means I unintentionally come off standoffish, especially around new people. I guess my point here is that while it may merely be online, this place is one of the few spaces I feel comfortable enough to be my true self and I love you guys for allowing me to be part of the community and making me feel like family.

Now then, I'll just hit those recommended questions in case someone doesn't know, or someone cares to know these facts about me.

  • How did you find Destructoid? Well, I covered this one already, lol.

  • What are your favorite games? Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Tactics, Bloodborne, and Earthbound.

  • What consoles have you owned? Most of them. My favorites are the SNES, PS1, and Dreamcast.

  • What interests do you have outside of video games? Heavy Metal and music in general. Also literature/writing and horror in general.

  • What other communities are you a part of? Not many anymore.


May 10, 2020
What are your favorite SNES and DC games?
Oh good question. On DC I'd say Jet Grind Radio, San Fran Rush 2049, Unreal Tournament, Fur Fighters, Power Stone and Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2. It's a hard list for me to trim down, but I did miss out on a lot of the better RPGs. On SNES I'm a little more boring. Basically all the Mario and DKC games, Mario Kart & LttP. Wario Woods too!
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