Hey there, space cats! Brittany here, comin' at you from Spaceport 9.

Molotov Cupcake

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Aug 26, 2020
It's your old pal Brittany
Stormborn, formerly of House Destructoid, Queen of the Weeaboos and the First Otaku, Khaleesi of the Great Plains, Breaker of Bust A Groove 2 Jewel Cases, and Mother of Niche/Rare Games.

If you don't know who I am, I've been writing about games for 13 years. I love Twin Peaks, desert rock, entrails, and pizza Lunchables. At least I did. They've gotten gross. They changed the crust. I'm good on it now.

I also enjoy things unapologetically. I listen to my Josie and the Pussycats movie soundtrack regularly, as well as Hilary Duff. Toto's "Africa" is one of my favorite songs of all time. I like number stations. And I have over 600 front page posts here.

I have a Vib Ribbon tattoo. Actually, I have a lot of gaming tattoos.

So, yeah. Hello again!
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Jun 9, 2020
Columbia, MO
I tried the pizza lunchables a few months back and everything just tasted off. It's been about 18 years since I've had one. I'd say either something changed, or I did. Haha.