I made a book! Sony’s PlayStation is on Kickstarter now.


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Jun 14, 2020
This was posted on the main Destructoid site a few days ago, and I set up an AMA in the comments, but I wanted to continue that here (and keep spreading the word for my project).

I’ve made a 700+ page book that covers 151 games SCEA published on the original PlayStation. The book is all screenshots, at this point it’s over 1000. Something simple to flip through and look back on some hopefully good memories. It’s all laid out in chronological order of release date. I thought it would be cool to see the games evolve as you look through it.
The Kickstarter link is here.

You can also seethe Destructoid article right here.

Comment here and I’ll keep this space as an AMA about the project (or future projects) for those that are interested!
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