In need of an artist for my "BLACK" EP album cover

Seymour Demonica

Badonkadonk Monk
Jun 9, 2020
I'm about 90% done with my "BLACK" EP, which I will sell and donate all proceeds to the NAACP Defense Fund. It contains three choice tracks from Metallica's self-titled (commonly known as "The Black Album") in this order:

Enter Sandman
Sad But True
Of Wolf And Man

It's mostly polish and vocal touch-ups that need attention at this point. So, whilst I'm working on that, hopefully one of you cocks will do the album cover!

And, yes, I'm willing to pay :coffee:

Here's the 99.99% complete version of "Of Wolf And Man":

Whoever believes they're up to the task, reply here with a sample of your work as well as your email address. Let's assure the world that Black Lives Matter!
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