In regards to Microsoft potentially buying up WB's game dev studios.


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Jun 8, 2020
Why shouldn't I dread everything about this? This is a serious question, by the by. As far as I could tell, Microsoft's library has gone downhill throughout this generation. The original Halo/Gears devs left and the internal studios Microsoft made haven't put out great games from what I heard. And the last time Microsoft bought out a major studio (Rareware), it slowly turned to shit. It was so bad that the most exciting aspect about the new Killer Instinct game was that it WASN'T developed by Rare.

I mean, I'd like to hope that Microsoft will be better, but...what exactly has Microsoft done up to this point to make us give them the benefit of the doubt? This is not me making a judgment call on Microsoft's games, I legitimately want to know.


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Jun 24, 2020
With all of the studios they've been acquiring over the past several years, it feels to me like they're trying to make a clean slate for their track record. I think it's a safe bet that their plan is to bolster their catalogue of exclusive, or at least "timed exclusive," games to help sell this next generation. I'm not worried about it, personally.

That being said, I've never owned an Xbox console so I don't have a strong opinion on the quality of their first party games, nor do I have much knowledge on their handling of outside developers of late.