Unpopular Opinion Thread


Jul 2, 2020
My old reliable hot take.

The PS4 is a terrible console right at it's very concept. It goes for a flashy UI that's overly bloated and chugs the console when you try to do anything, Themes are the ugliest thing ever on this system due to the poorley thought out layout. Because they made SSD's optional instead of packing one in games are still designed around old harddrives making the bloat even more unbearable. Sony's piss poor data management requires you to have almost double the amount of free space per game than is actually required meaning you can only keep like 5 games on your system at any one time. The blu-ray player is actually inferior to the PS3's despite being a newer model as it fails to read some of the older DVD's.

Bonus: and I guess not really the PS4's fault. The games have been mostly terrible this generation. Though not to say they were all bad, there are still a number of great games. But with all the microtransactions, overpriced game editions and the overly annoying trend towards suckering people out of their consumer rights err I mean buying digital I'm exhausted with the whole thing.

By comparison the PS5 looks much improved for the user experience that this feels like going in to the next gen upgrade from the PS3 which the PS4 never gave. Though I got to aknowledge that with this gen physical media is now basically dead, so I'll never really buy anything on it until sales where it's steeply discounted.