We had forums!?


Be Kind to People
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Apr 15, 2020
Not gonna lie, I'm already spread pretty thin on site, so I won't have a lot of time to converse here. If I try and include the forums into my minute-to-minute mix - simply put - my anxiety will fucking skyrocket. But I'm glad its happened, I hope you all have a ton of fun, and that you be groovy to our tireless mods. I'm stoked to see a place where the community can hang out and shine (just don't forget the Qposts! They brought us a lot of joy as a community and I hope ya'll will still use them)

GLHF, and thanks as always to our team of mods, particularly Nekro, for getting the forums up and running.

Love you all. And that's a truth, not a pleasantry.


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May 11, 2020
I vaguely remember the old forums. I posted in a few threads and they got auto-tracked and started sending me email notifications. Then I stopped visiting Dtoid for a while (no reason, just drifted away like I am wont to do) and I think one of those threads got bumped and I got an email and then I returned. So, thank you old forums.

✨ Matt ✨

Garbage Pail Kid
May 10, 2020
I lurked in the forums for over a year and literally the day I went to finally make an account was the day shit went down and Niero nuked 'em, lol. My timing remains superhuman.
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