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    Book Club

    +1 for audiobooks. I know some people really love Audio dramas, but I find them to be hilarious. I listened to one where a guy gets his face sheared with a chainsaw and his eye pops. It has sound effects, and all I can imagine is the old Audio dramas that had an effects specialist in a tuxedo...
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    Book Club

    So I finished my audiobook of Descent of Angels, it was meh. Next up I read through Eisenhorn: Xenos. I actually liked it quite a bit. Very sci-fi noir, and well, y’all know how much I love supernatural noir (Falling Angel). The people who did Man in the High Castle are making a...
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    What are y’all gonna be for Halloween?

    October will be here soon, so it’s time to really move to the next level of planning! What are you going to be for Halloween? My kids wanted me to dress up as a cabbage vendor, and they would be cabbages. However, I’m not that stupid; it’s just an excuse for me to cart their lazy butts...
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    Movies you watched with your parents

    My mother asked me to go with her to see a movie a friend had recommended. It turned out to be Borat. Afterwards she said “that was not what I was expecting.” We also saw the Squid & the Whale together, and she didn’t comprehend that the youngest son in the movie was masturbating into library...
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    Book Club

    Was not expecting to see Born of Man and Woman. That Matheson seems to still be unknown for as prolific as he was is strange to me. I can’t remember if I mentioned it earlier, but Machen’s “Great God Pan” is now public domain and is often cited as a very inspirational horror story.
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    Bong's hobby corner

    The mawtribes are done? Would you say it’s ogre now (the music of the night)?
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    Book Club

    That’s awesome! Here’s my random Shakespeare story: while I was doing some genealogy research I discovered Sylvester Jourdain, who was a writer and sailor. Sylvester was part of the crew of the Sea Venture that was shipwrecked off of Bermuda. He wrote a book/pamphlet about the experience, and...
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    Book Club

    I couldn’t make it past the first one, but my brother in law was/is really into them. However, I really like King’s old short stories, and he can write some engaging characters. As for novels, it’s hit or mainly miss for me.
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    Book Club

    Dune was fantastic for me. Never read any of Brian Herbert’s stuff. I normally stick to nonfiction, but I got a bunch of Warhammer audiobooks in a bundle. Currently, I’m on “Descent of Angels” and it’s meh. Shipwrecked colonists who in time revert to the dark ages and become Genocidal...
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    Your worst "I give up" moment in games?

    Ghosts n Goblins, played on and off for years trying to beat it. Finally beat it, only be told I was missing secret items or a necklace to actually beat the game and fight the real boss. Fuck. That.
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    Sections you despise in games you like?

    You just gave me a flashback to the scene in Wolfenstein: New Order where you have to ride that execution robot. Freaking impossible. At the time, my friend convinced me the only way to play video games was on the hardest difficulty (as that was the difficulty they were intended to be played...
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    Sections you despise in games you like?

    I’ve apparently blocked out that part from Jedi Academy 😂 I hated the underground area in HL: Opposing Force, maybe it was my CRT, but it was pitch black! Pitch black open room, with monsters, and I couldn’t figure out what to do! Took me many attempts over weeks (if not months). The...
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    Cool buttplugs you have/want.

    Made by the same company that makes the Academy Awards. Coupler on the bottom let’s you build it up. Much like like, the unattainable is unknown, the only limit... is you.
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    Worst collectibles in games?

    Only 400 of them!
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    Steam Summer Sale: Share Your Purchases and Reccomendations!!!

    I scooped up Dead Space 3 (and the story DLC), Titanfall 2, the rest of the Battletech DLC I didn’t have, and the new Blood game (on fanatical for $1). Not sure if I’ll get anything else, but I still have money in the steam wallet to burn.