Movies you watched with your parents


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May 10, 2020
Alot of us had this awkward experience. Mine include watching the following films with my mom: Heavy Metal, American Werwolf in London, and Troy. Heavy metal is obviously all the titties. AWiL was her being grossed out by the amazing transformation scene, and for Troy she couldn't really handle the sacking scenes with all the **** and infanticide. Didnt stop her enjoying Brad Pitt ass early on though lol. What are some of your experiences watching films with parents?


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Jun 30, 2020
Oh man this is a funny one. My parents watched lots of messed up films with me. As Americans sex was always a no-no (especially with my semi-religious Mom) but Joe Pesci stabbing fools and calling people "cocksucker": kosher.


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May 11, 2020
For a born-again Christian, my mom was rather cool and open-minded about movies and games. She would watch with me and let me watch horror movies because they were killing demons and saying sex before marriage would get you gutted by a freak in a hockey mask lol. The most awkward film I watched with her was actually Forrest Gump. At first it was interesting as she would talk about the stuff from the different time periods as that was the era she grew up in. Then the part when Forrest finally hooks up with Jenny happened and my father had eventually wandered into the living room and was adding comments on his own (my parents are the people who do not shut the fuck up during a film lol. If I'm watching a war movie with my dad I know I'm not going to be watching a film but listening to his vast military history knowledge or if it's a Vietnam movie, all of his military stories in graphic detail). His comment was 'how does Forrest know which hole to stick it in?' and my mom replied, 'You seem to forget pretty often yourself, eh!'. Yaaaaaaa, nothing more uncomfortable than your parents making allusions to anal sex right next to you....


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May 10, 2020
North Carolina
My mother asked me to go with her to see a movie a friend had recommended. It turned out to be Borat. Afterwards she said “that was not what I was expecting.” We also saw the Squid & the Whale together, and she didn’t comprehend that the youngest son in the movie was masturbating into library books. So she kept say, “pssst, what’s happening?” She also walked out of The Two Towers because she thought the talking trees were stupid. 😂

On the opposite side of the spectrum, my dad has a habit of yelling at movies in theaters. Classic lines of his include “stop talking, more explosions!” *snoring sounds* “I don’t care, just die already” “for the love of god, just get naked already so we can hurry up and get out of here” *fart sounds* (normally after a character has an “emotional” death) “
Aug 9, 2020
My mom likes to say we have a similar taste because she watched a few of my "cult films" (she and my stepdad consider everything outside of action and comedy to be cult). Recent films we watched include Parasite and The Favourite. As far as I remember, the sex scenes in those films are the "worst" we ever watched together - I was considering showing her a Lars Von Trier but I think that would be "too cult" for her xD I do recall that she used to skip sex scenes in horror films when I was younger...

Now my father is a lot more easy-going. I was very young when I watched my first (and last) Friday 13th - don't ask me which it was but I believe all of them have a lot of sex and blood. It used to be somewhat uncomfortable but now it's not so bad since we both have an open mind and he accepts to watch anything. He accompanied me in some of my adventures during my "30 Films, 30 Different Countries" challenge I did last year (I did watch Von Trier's Antichrist with him and we went to the theatre to watch The House that Jack Built) 😅
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Jun 11, 2020
I can't remember what it was, but a while back I suggested a movie to my mom and entirely forgot about a scene with some really detailed raunchy shit.

Not like explicit sex, but people talking real nasty and stuff.

She does this high pitched shriek when something like that happens and it's deafening.
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Feb 14, 2020
My mum was really into the Saw and Final Destination movies. Soooo yeah. My childhood and teenaged years involved a lot of gore films with the family.