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    Your personal favorite reveals from the Xbox Games Showcase

    Put me down as another for The Medium , I just hope Bloober Team actually get the game to run at more than 15fps this time as The Blair Witch games performance was terrible.
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    screenshot thread yay

    I like to try and get pretty lighting and stuff... Or pictures of Jill Valentine being deep throated.
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    So, which next gen system will you be getting?

    Why can't I pick both PS5 and Xbox Series X?.... cos that's what's happening.😊
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    Very Important Poll

    Titties... all day, every day!
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    Your top showings from the PS5 reveal event

    Resident Evil VILLAGE and Horizon Forbidden West by far... funny thing is I'll be buying RE VIII on Series X.
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    Best Butt in Video Games

    That's Americas butt.
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    Shows you wish had just one more season

    I know most people hate it now but I'm still a massive fan of Lost, so yeah... WE HAVE TO GO BACK!
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    Best Butt in Video Games

    Plus one for the above...🥰 Obvious ones... Jill Valentine. Lara Croft. Schwiiiing.
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    Friendship Megathread

    Xbox LIVE - Nag No1 PS4 - Nag_No1 👍
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    What Games Do You Consider Masterpieces

    Although it's not my favourite in the series the first Gears of War is pretty much spot on in pacing and gameplay... And Resident Evil Remake is perfect full stop.
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    What are you playing?

    While everyone and his dog waits for The Last of Us Part 2 I decided to revisit Horizon Zero Dawn, that game is so fucking beautiful. Really hoping a sequel is shown at the upcoming PlayStation event. On the Xbox side I've been putting a lot of time in to Gears 5 multiplayer (it's my go to game...
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    How Often Do You Finish Games?

    I'm a bit of a trophy/achievement chaser so I'll definitely try to finish a game unless I really dislike it. Last gen i was a single format gamer which made concentrating on one or two games at a time more manageable, owning an Xbox and PS4 this time around means I'm spreading myself thinner.
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    Multiplayer shows me just how old every bloody night...😂
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    Hi guys, I'm Nag... not the horse type though. Gamer since childhood (I'm in my forties now... oof) and spend most of my time on Xbox with a fair amount of Playstation thrown in. Favourite games are Gears and Resident Evil.