Book Club

Aug 9, 2020
I really enjoyed The Two Towers, I ended up being a little disappointed with Helms Deep, the movie made it seem so epic and the book was kind of a let down. So far The Return of The King has been alright. I am feeling a little burnt out on LOTR if I am being honest. I am having a hard time feeling motivated to finish it. Hopefully I’ll get past it and be able to finish the series. It will be a big accomplishment for me if I do.
You should read something else before Return of The King. It happened with me when I read 3 Amy Harmon books in sequence and the third was a chore despite being well-written just like the others!
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Jul 5, 2020
Just finished Anna Dressed in Blood. Holy cow that book was a page turner. I had such a hard time putting it down. Picked up the sequel and I can’t wait to jump in!
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