Why'd You Choose Your Avatar?


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May 11, 2020
Well, Lokhe is what one of my oldest World of Warcraft characters was called (a Warlock). It's ofc a spin on Loki, who we all know is a rather mischievous individual. If you aren't familiar with the web comic Looking For Group, the character I use as my avatar is from it and his name is Richard. He perfectly embodies the type of character I was going for when I created my WoW character back then, so it's kinda just stuck with me all this time. His face is also rather emotive, despite being mostly covered up, which I really enjoy.
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I first joined Dtoid at the tail end of my hyper weeb days. I think my handle then was "Professor Kyusaku Natsume" from the semi obscure anime "All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku" Then at some point in 2014/2015 I bought Cowboy Bebop on blu ray and hadn't seen it since about 2004. Fell in love with it again and loved how dorky Ein was on the Mushroom Samba Episode, so I went with it as my handle.


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May 11, 2020
Because I just wanted to make people aware of this wonderful game called Skyrim. I think you all should buy a few copies.


May 10, 2020
How about your name? Really like Toyota Celicas.
Haha yeah! Back when my cousin & I were making our first email addresses so we could get MSN Messenger. No idea what to put at the time but I loved Toyota Celicas (both the sharp lined 2000s and older 90s rally style) and alliterations so I went with that. Never actually owned or even drove in one. Been slowly changing my online presence to a new name but would feel too weird if I did it at Dtoid. So I'm stuck with it.


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May 11, 2020
The Internet!
I wanted an Avatar of a character nobody else would use. Someone that if you saw it on multiple websites you'd say "Oh hey thats the same dude!"

I was originally floating with an Avatar from a game I was making. - It went nowhere.
Then floated a "Turbo Buddy" of myself... never really liked it.
Then I rediscovered Va11Halla and... Well I liked it! and nobody heard of it. And if nobody has heard of the game, that means nobody else is using Dorothy as an Avatar! ... *CLAIM!*

Then Blaze on Discord was having people become Ohayou avatars... Dorothy still being from an unknown game didn't have one so I had to draw it.
A year later I redrew it. In 10x better quality.
3 years later I redrew it as Vector art and... Okay some things I need to fix... And I think the body could use some upgrades, but now I can export it in 8K (Not pictured here cause 8K is HUGE)
EDIT: Thumnailing it cause even 1K is huge.
Dorothy 1024.pngAnd Comparison to non Vector Version ->DoroGyateGyate.png

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May 10, 2020
Decided to throw it back to the olden days since we're dusting off the forums.
It's just not the same talking to you without being greeted by your glowering Italian face, but I will definitely take it over Nixon.
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